About Us

The IEG is the longest-running continuous association of independent editors or book doctors based in the New York City region. Founded in 1996, it has been featured in such publications as Publishers Weekly, the Authors Guild Bulletin, and Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents.

Writers, contact us when you...

Need a professional's evaluation of your manuscript—not one from your family, your friends, or your writers group.

Want your manuscript critiqued before undertaking a final revision.

Your work would benefit from being professionally edited or polished before you submit it to an agent.

Have received rejection letters from agents and need editorial guidance and a fresh approach.

You are self-publishing and seek editorial services, advice about the process, or project oversight.

Seek help to expand or define your idea to create a saleable book.

Want strategic advice for the preparation and selling of your book proposal.

Want guidance and coaching every step of the way as you write your book.

Agents and publishers, contact or recommend us when...

Rejection letters offer no clear indication of what's wrong, or give no suggestions for revision.

Ghostwriting is required for a celebrity or expert or someone with a story to tell.

A contracted manuscript is about to be cancelled unless it gets major re-writing/cutting—and the clock is running.

A manuscript is ready for delivery and the client would like the manuscript pre-edited and polished.

Coaching services are necessary to keep a client on track, on time, and focused.

A client needs help with preparing a saleable book proposal or finished manuscript.

The original collaborator is not working out.

There is a rush job or a project is on a crash schedule.

An editor has gone from the company, leaving behind projects that can't be reassigned to other busy editors.

Significant editing or re-writing is required but the editor lacks the time to devote exclusively to the project.

An author is unable to finish a book due to scheduling conflicts or illness.

A selection of testimonials from satisfied authors:

"When you've worked with a miracle worker, nobody else can ever come close."

"With each paragraph she edited, she challenged me to think sharper, to write more fully from the heart."

"I just wanted you to know that my book has been published, thanks to your wonderful editorial job!"

"He taught me how to write without telling me what to write."

"His rigorous editing reflects a knack for simultaneously focusing on content, reader, writer and the book market. What more could an author want?"

And from a grateful publisher:

"Thanks for all you have given to this book. You have done an incredible job, and whatever success this book has I will credit to a large degree to you. I hope we find another one soon — you are so very good at this!"

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